Security BSides Rochester – April 6th 2013

What is BSidesROC?

** BSides Reg opens at 8am Sat Apr 6 – we boot up to Init 3 at 8:30 – with the First Talk starting at 9am. Init 0 is at 6pm**

Back for its third year, Security B-Sides Rochester is the only free, open, hacker conference in Rochester, NY.

This year, BSidesROC will be held  on April 6th 2013 at Cathedral Hall inside the Rochester Auditorium Center. Our mission is to repeat prior success by teaching the Rochester community about security related topics, supporting the area’s innovative hacker scene, and building interaction between students, professionals, and employers.

Unlike any of the other local “hacker” conferences, the focus at BSidesROC is not on the high quality talks (though we have plenty of those too!). Instead, we set the focus of the conference squarely on fostering communication among some of the smartest folks in the scene, and of course, on hacking!

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, make sure to register, and then see what events we have planned!