Workshops 2021

The following workshops will be offered on Friday, the day before the main conference:

Date: Fri, March 12, 2021

BSides Rochester Advanced Introduction to OSINT Training

Instructor: Joe Gray

This is a 4-hour abbreviated OSINT course to show students techniques to enhance their OSINT comprehension and collection techniques leveraging techniques for Business and People OSINT with some OPSEC elements as well. This is intended for those just entering the OSINT tradecraft as well as those with some familiarity. While the command-line will be demonstrated, all exercises can be completed from a browser as well.

Price: $68.
Student Price: $40.

Investigating with Splunk

Instructor: Robert Wagner

Investigating with Splunk is a modular, hands-on workshop designed to familiarize participants with how to investigate incidents using Splunk and open source. This workshop provides users a way to gain experience searching in Splunk to answer specific questions related to an investigation. These questions are similar to what would be asked in their own organizations. Users will leave with a better understanding of how logs can be used to investigate incidents in their enterprise.

If you don’t have any Splunk experience, please take the following free online class to prepare for this workshop:

Price: $10

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