Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a Bsides? Join us at this year’s BSidesROC 2020 as a volunteer! No special experience necessary - just a willingness to be helpful and friendly. :)


We are looking for volunteers to assist on Friday 3/20 and/or Saturday 3/21 with the setup, running, and teardown of the conference. Friday 3/20: Training day assistant - Help the trainers with whatever they need

Saturday 3/21:

  • Conference Setup - [as many as possible] Friday night/Sat AM: helping set up everything as needed (all hands available)
  • Registration – [1-2 needed] Assisting people with signing in for the day, t-shirt sales, speaker wrangling, and providing general information to attendees.
  • Badge wrangler
  • Presenter support (A/V) – [2 needed] In charge of helping presenters know how much time is left, keeping presenters honest about their time, and helping with AV issues
  • Hacker Store - [1 needed] - Take money and run credit cards for hacker store items. Be semi-knowlegeable about the hacker items.
  • VIP Security area - [1 needed] - Help out with things in the VIP area. Keep things cleaned up. Help presenters get the things they need for their talks. Don’t let randos in.
  • Conference Teardown - [as many as possible] Sat night: help with ripping down everything and loading them into cars
  • Runner - [2 needed] Do all the in between things we need.

The goal is to give you the opportunity to volunteer in an area that you are most interested in. Volunteers may be moved between areas so we have appropriate coverage and to allow you to see some of the talks that you may be interested in.

If you are interested, Please email volunteers @ bsidesroc.com