Besides our crew of volunteers and operators, the organization stays above board thanks to a small group of directors. This a small elite group that takes responsibility for the less funn stuff like finances, insurance, and legal issues.

Bill “JustBill” Bukowski (Director)

JustBill brings expert level knowledge in the latest enterprise technology to the group. He is a “Manager” of IT for the largest market research company in the world. He no longer needs to actually know things but make sure you have your management slide ready for him just in case he cares. He has a background in Ham radio, and enjoys hacking all things RF related. He denies that he is a hacker, but if you talk to him for more than a minute you’ll see he’s wrong or just confused.

Joe Testa (Director)

Joe is the principle security consultant and founder of Positron Security, a Rochester-based information security firm. Prior to founding the company, he excelled as a security researcher and vulnerability test programmer for Rapid7. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Security and Information Assurance from the Rochester Institute of Technology, along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Mark “AntiTree” Manning (Director)

AntiTree, was one of the original founders of the first hacker conference in Rochester. By day he works for a security consulting company. In his free time he enjoys evading censorship and supporting pseudo/anonymity technologies. He is an active member of the Rochester hacker community including Rochester 2600, Interlock Rochester, and TOOOL Rochester.