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See you next year!

BSidesROC 2014 is in the books and fun was had by all. Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, attendees, and friends in between that made the event happen. I can’t possibly summarize all the fun things that happened yesterday but let me name a few:

David Kennedy shared his view of a world where…»Read the full article

Crypto Fun

If you aren’t already aware, one of the events we have at BSidesROC is a crypto challenge. For the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have @darthnull plan these out for us. Last year, we had a few teams of folks that spent the entire con working on just this (and the winners…»Read the full article

Sponsor Announcement – Duo Security

We are excited to announce that Duo Security is a sponsor for BsidesROC 2014!

Duo Security’s hosted two-factor authentication service brings strong, scalable security to organizations of any size. Duo’s unique, high-availability architecture provides centralized management, self-service enrollment, and interactive secondary login through an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs, complexity, and confusion associated…»Read the full article

Food Update – ROC Food Trucks

If some of you heard about BSidesROC late, or decided until the last minute to snag a ticket, you may have noticed that food tickets aren’t for sale anymore. OMG! That’s something necessary with our upgraded venue but we wanted to offer you some alternatives for lunch time.

Thanks to some of the people that…»Read the full article

Keysigning and Beer Signup

Our networking and key-signing event is prepped and ready for people to sign up. If you know the deal, skip straight to it here.

The plan is that at 5:00 we will finish up the day with a key-signing and beer event. You bring your GPG key and we’ll supply the beer. What you…»Read the full article