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Ticket Tiers

Level Cost Includes
Free $1 Full access into con and one B-Coin that can be used as a drink ticket, or traded in for 1$ towards the cost of a shirt, lock pick set, or donated to the organization
T-Shirt $10 Full access into con, 1 BSidesROC 2014 T-Shirt
Breakfast $20 Full access into con, 1 BSidesROC 2014 T-Shirt, Continental Breakfast
Lunch $20 Full access into con, 1 BSidesROC 2014 T-Shirt, Gourmet Taco Bar
All The Things $30 Full access into con, 1 BSidesROC 2014 T-Shirt, Continental Breakfast, Gourmet Taco Bar

Registration is now Open!  Click the link below to register.
Eventbrite - BSidesROC 2014

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Why does “Free” cost $1?

As always, BSidesROC will be free and open to the public. However, one constant problem we’ve had is having a large number of people register and then not attend. That hurts us – not just because we miss out on having a great crowd of folks to hang with – but because it inflates our projections for food etc. and ultimately costs us money.

This year, when you go to register, you’ll see that the Free tier costs $1! We’re offsetting that by providing a B-Coin when you check-in and get your badge at the con. What is a B-Coin? It will be some form of token you get when you check-in. It can be used at the bar as a drink ticket. It can also be used same-as-cash (worth $1) if you want to buy a BsidesROC T-Shirt, a set of Lock Picks, or you can simply donate it back to the organization.

The  result is, the $1 you spent registering for the con is being returned to you when you check in – making the con free.

What about the other tiers?

The other levels we’re doing this year are definitely not free. We’re really sorry about that, but with the venue change this year, we had to do something to offset the costs of the food. We’ve also had to work to not lose money on T -Shirts this year.  The result is: if you want a T-Shirt, or food, this year you’ll need to pay for them. We’re offering food through the venue, or you can literally step outside the door and take your pick of a number of local shops if you prefer.

So, how do you know we’re keeping true to the spirit of the con, and not making money off this? Here’s the breakdown:

  • The T-Shirt level is $10: which is what it costs us to have the shirts printed.
  • The Breakfast & Lunch only levels are each $20. These include a T-Shirt ($10), and one meal. The venue is charging us roughly $20/person for the meals, but we are splitting that cost with you: you pay $10 and we’ve got the rest.
  • The All The Things level is $30. It includes a T-Shirt ($10), and 2 meals ($10 each).

We realize that these changes may be upsetting. All we can do is say “that’s cool, we get it”. In a perfect world, we’d be able to raise enough sponsorship to once again offer everything completely free. Until that happens, we’re doing what we can to keep the con awesome, and offer as much as possible as cheaply as possible.  If you do not want to purchase a T-Shirt along with food, there is a discount code available on the Eventbrite page which will allow you to remove the T-Shirt cost.