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Privacy Workshop Track

This year, we will have a track of talks dedicated to improving your personal privacy, security, and OPSEC measures. The track consists of 3 categories; Connect, Communicate, Operate. This refers to learning how to connect with each other while maintaining your privacy, how to securely and privately communicate with others, and how to properly operate in a secure, private environment. The 3 part series will give attendees a good understanding of the issues surrounding privacy and anonymity.

Connectivity: Tor Attacks and Defense

The first talk in the series will be an in-depth discussion of Tor, and answer many of the common questions. For more information go here.

  • Tor overview, installation, usage
  • Attacks and threats to anonymity
  • In-depth review of Tor’s operations, crypto, and design

Communications: Secure Messaging With OpenPGP/GPG Workshop

This primarily hands-on workshop will get attendees ready to join in on the Key Signing party that happens at the end of the day, as well as use GPG/OpenPGP with others. For more information go here.

  • GPG overview and assymetric encryption
  • Web of trust, key signing
  • OTR messaging, and out of band validation
  • Keyparty setup

Operations: Anonymity With TAILS and Tor Workshop

The next talk in the series will discuss the TAILS Anonymous LiveUSB/CD Linux distrobution as well as properaly using Tor. For more information go here.

  • TAILS overview, usage, and installation
  • Hands-on usage, installation, and storage options (laptop required)
  • Tor implementation: Iptables rules, Tor configuration, proxies
  • Customizing the browser for privaxt
  • Advanced Tor usage and configurations
  • Running relays and hidden services