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BSidesROC – The Organization

Security BSidesROC is run by volunteers; people that feel the need to help create a hacker conference in Rochester so strongly that they give up weekends and free time to make it happen.

There is no single person that runs the conference, but we do have “Ops”, or operators, which are responsible for specific responsibilities. Ops are in charge of keeping track of their project’s money, managing the volunteers that help them, and coming up with awesome ways to get things done.

Mark “AntiTree” Manning: AntiTree, along with Jason, was one of the original founders of the first hacker conference in Rochester. He works hard to build up the Rochester 2600 group of infosec enthusiasts, and brought the idea of a Hackerspace to the Rochester area. AntiTree hopes that doing these things helps provide a place for hackers to meet, learn, and hack together. By day, AntiTree is a pen-tester focused on mobile hacking.

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Jason “algorythm” Ross: along with Mark, founded Security B-Sides in Rochester. Jason has been working in security longer than he’ll admit, starting with defending network environments, then moving on to pen testing. He currently performs mobile security testing. Jason is also an avid lock picker and organizer of the Rochester TOOOL amateur lock picking group. His goals, besides running a good con, are to develop a solid hacker community in the Rochester area.

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Joe Testa: Mr. Testa is a man of many names – friends call him Cowboy Joe, or the SeCowboi. Joe has been an infosec professional for much of his career. He started out as a developer of Rapid 7’s Nexpose vulnerability scanner, where he quickly learned the ins-and-outs of network exploitation. Since then, Joe has since gone out on to own to operate his own Rochester-based security company.

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Bill “JustBill” Bukowski: JustBill brings expert level knowledge in the latest enterprise technology to the group. Often referred to as the “Virtualization Adult”, JustBill is who you call after you’ve spent the day playing around with VMware products, and now would like to know the correct way to virtualize something. He has a background in Ham radio, and enjoys hacking all things RF related. He denies that he is a hacker, but if you talk to him for more than a minute you’ll see he’s wrong.

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Thomas “G13” Richards: Thomas is a security consultant. He’s been a member of the local Rochester hacker community for years, and regularly shares his knowledge of mobile hacking at industry conferences. In his spare time, he enjoys making genetic replications with his wife.

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Alex Page: When he’s not busy working on his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Rochester, Alex is working in the hacker community to help make sure all our fun projects go off smoothly. He’s the go-to-guy when someone asks whether thermite should be mixed by weight or by volume.

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