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Ticket FAQ

WTF? How is the con free if I have to pay at least a dollar?

We advertise BSidesROC as the only free and open hacker conference in Rochester. As such, people tend to get confused when they go to register, and see no free ticket option. Why isn’t there a free ticket? We had one for three years and consistently had > 50% “no-show” rate. That makes it very difficult to plan things like food, water, etc. and we lost a ton of money prepping for people that never showed up. So, we decided to try setting the ticket cost to a buck. Turned out that dropped our no show rate to about 15%.

That’s great, but how can we still say the conference is free? When you arrive and check in for the con, your $1.00 is returned to you in the form of a BCoin, which is good for $1.00 off any item at the BSides Store. (BTW: that buck you spent doesn’t even go to us, since the registration website charges a $1.00 fee per ticket.)