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Tor Research Workshop


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Workshop Overview:
The Tor Research Workshop, presented by AntiTree, will quickly take you from a basic understanding of Tor and anonymity networks, to the nuts and bolts of Tor and the Tor Network. Students will learn through a serious of lectures and hands on exercises. The end result being a working knowledge of how Tor truly works, what tools can be used to apply research, and what various ways of contributing to the Tor Project. The workshop will be in a dedicated room on the third floor of the venue away from crowds and interruption.
NOTE: AntiTree and BSidesROC is not affiliated with Tor or the Tor Project.
All students will receive:
  • a customized VM pre-configured with the Tor tools
  • a copy of the slides and exercises used during the class
  • Tor stickers (while supplies last!)
At the end of the class you will be able to:
  • Explain the cryptographic mechanisms used in a normal Tor circuit
  • Programmatically interface with Tor using Python
  • Intercept, review, and fingerprint Tor traffic
  • Write your own pluggable transport
  • Simulate your own Tor network at your home
  • Basic understanding of Tor and Tor components
  • Basic skills using Python and Java
  • A laptop with the following:
    • 1+GB of RAM available
    • Vmware Workstation OR VMware Player (Nothing else will work)
    • 12GB of free space for the VM
    • 64bit computer running a 64bit OS
Presenter Bio:
AntiTree is a security consultant for a large security company that regularly performs penetration tests of applications and networks. He has been involved in anonymity networks for the last decade focusing mostly on Tor related research. His previous presentations include Meek and Domain Fronting, Tor Pluggable Transports, Bitmessage, Tor vs Governments, OpenPDroid, and Reinventing Anonymous Email. AntiTree is also an organizer of BSidesROC.
Agenda (Updated 4/20/2015):
  • Introduction
  • Tor Basics
  • Threat Modelling
  • Network components
  • Tor configuration and control
  • Tor control port
  • DNS
  • Stem
  • Directory protocol
  • Tor network protocol
  • Private Tor Networks
  • Hidden Services
  • Censorship
  • Pluggable Transports
  • Meek
  • OBFS4